Who we are

The Snooker and Pool Players Alliance is an organisation for Snooker and Pool Players. Its intention is to look after the interests of all players through an annually elected Board representing all the stakeholders and groups. We work in partnership with Local and international governing body for Snooker and Pool.

Our Vision

To raise professional Snooker and Pool players that can compete at local and international level within the next 5 years.

Our Objectives

  1. We use gathered and analyzed data to monitor performance and rank players.

  2. We discover and develop players to acceptable standard in snooker and Pool.

  3. We are set to promote and professionalize Snooker and Pool Sports in Nigeria.

  4. We synergize with other stakeholders to promote and organize events in line with international best practices.

Governing Council

The council shall be constituted as an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) established through a MOU, Memorandum of Understanding of representatives of Snooker and Pool players.

1. 3 Players Representative (Male and Female) for Snooker and Pool.
2. Clubs and Bars.
3. Snooker and Pool Association.
4. Event Coordinator or SPPA General Secretary.
5. Head of Technical.
6. Head of ethics, code and disciplinary committee.