Break & Run Challenge

Break & Run Challenge

Break and Run Challenge. ‘…Testing shooting and Cue Control…’

What is Break and Run Challenge

An initiative of Snooker and Pool Players Alliance for talent discovery and development.

The proficiency of a player in any Billiards sports is determined by their Breaking skill or ability as it is the most primary and eliminatory requirement that impacts the result of any game.

What is Breaking?

The actual process that commences a Billiard’s game after the “Lag” is known as Breaking where the players who wins the Lag is required to use the White Cue ball to scattered all the other “coloured” ball when placed at the “racked” position.

Important words

Lag – it is the standard tossing process that determines who starts a match where both players softly shoots the White Cue ball across the table to the opposite short cushion and it is expected to return and cross the Baulk Line to its rest position. The winner is the players who cue ball rest closes to the short cushion. The winner of  the toss is given the privilege right to determine who starts the match.

The Rack and Racking

The Rack is the Triangular tool use to gather the coloured balls at the start of a game. Racking, named after the tool is the process of arranging the coloured ball in a pre-determined order as stipulated in the rules prescribed by the world governing body of the sport.

Racking 9 Ball

Colour Balls

There are two type of Balls In every Billiards sport, the White ball a.k.a Cue Ball  and the Colour Balls. Depending on the type of Billiard game, there are a minimum of 2 type of coloured balls

  • 8Ball Pool and Heyball – 7 numbered Stripe balls and 7 numbered Solid Spotted Balls
  • BlackBall –   7 Yellow balls and 7 Red Balls.
  • 9Ball Pool – 9 Numbered solid and striped Balls
  • Snooker – 15 Red Balls, 1 ball each of Brown, Yellow,  Green, Blue, Pink, Black

Note: All Billiards sports has 1 white and 1 Black Ball with number 9

BREAK AND RUN CHALLENGE… (Test your shooting kill)  

This is a race against timed shootout activation campaign aimed at stipulating the desired for Breaking excellent that ultimately can impact the result in competitive contest.

The player is expected to Break and to continuously shoot (a.k.a called run) the balls while potting his or her select balls provided he or she potted without striking the object ball twice before potting.

It is a test of Cue ball control and shooting skill.

The BREAK AND RUN CHALLENGE is a pre-qualification event for the Challenge Tour Series.

How to Play

  1. Contestants are required to Rack the ball.
  2. Time keeper starts the clock ( Count-up )
  3. Contestant Break.
  4. Select your colored Ball provided your potted at least one Ball during the Break (Subject to the type of game).
  5. Provided you did not commit a foul continue potting you selected ball up till the last Black ball or 9 Ball.
  6. Stop the Clock/.
  7. Record your time and no of selected Balls remaining of table.

Important Notes and Rules

  1. The clock is stopped when a foul is committed and the game ends.
  2. A foul is committed under the following conditions’
  3. The players pushes the Cue Ball.
  4. Does not pot the object Ball.
  5. When a third party outside the arbiter interfere in the game.

   Important Equipment

  1. Table- Must be a standard Joy Billiard Table (For Heyball of Chinese 8 Ball) or An American Slim pocket 9ft table (for 8 ball or 9 ball).
  2. Rack- Minimum of a Plastic or Wooden (Magic Rack also accepted)
  3. Clock – SPPA clocking software or Stop watch.


Note: Each player is given 3 opportunities to execute 3 Breaks per entry (Multiple entries allowed)

  1. Determine player’s average-

Total no of ball left (after the Breaks ) / 3.

  • If the players entered Multiple times- 

Cumulative Average / Number of Entry.


  1. There shall be no winner at the end of an event.
  2. Players the secure a cumulative average of a 1.0 stands the chance to be selected to compete in the Challenge Tour Series.