CSI Nigeria Pool League

CSI Nigeria Pool League

Following an MOU signed between the Snooker Pool Players Alliance and Cue Sport International based in Nevada, USA. Both parties agreed to establish the CSI Nigeria Pool League as a partnership to establish Pool leagues to be managed using the Fargo Rate League Management System (LMS) under the BCA Pool League.

The BCA Pool League is an umbrella membership organization that allows pool leagues around the world to “Be Part of Something Bigger.” A single local league, even one with hundreds of members, is limited in what it can offer its members. However, when hundreds or thousands of leagues around the world band together under the BCA Pool League umbrella, the economy of scale provides all leagues value and benefits that they could not achieve alone.

What is Fargorate?

FargoRate computes pocket-billiard player ratings called Fargo Ratings that rate amateur and professional players worldwide. Coupling game win/loss data across local leagues, regions, countries, and continents insures players everywhere are rated on the same scale.

a Fargo Rating of 620 means the same thing in Halifax, Nova Scotia as it does in Christchurch, New Zealand as it does in Phoenix, Arizona.

Fargo Ratings are as useful for handicapping a small-town league as they are determining top players by country. To achieve its vision of a new era for pocket billiards in which all players everywhere are connected, FargoRate has created a league management system called FargoRate LMS that is available for use by all leagues.