Snooker and Pool Players Alliance governing council sort the collaboration of Lagos Television as both Television/Broadcast and Venue partner so as to harness the commercial opportunities that are available in the sports especially Snooker and Pool.

Through the collaboration, the SPPA is to promote and harness it’s tournaments using the foremost television station to reach the global audience and leverage on the niche market created by Pool and Snooker so as to generate revenue for the station and other stakeholder.

SPPA president, Idada Joachim emphasized the prominent role played by the broadcast media in sports business and the huge opportunities available.

Below are key highlight of the president’s opening remarks

  1. Globally sports have become big business which the broadcast media plays a critical role as major stakeholder.
  2. That LTV 8 had two of the four critical element required for the  organization of sports both as event and content for television which are pre-requisite for harnessing the commercial, financial and economic potential of sports. The element were your broadcast platform and the Blue Roof Arena.
  3. That LTV Ch 8 as a reputable media organization can join other stakeholder in the campaign to develop Billiard sports ie Snooker and Pool in Nigeria and Lagos state in particular with the over 15,000 bars in the state and more than 30% have a table which proves it grassroot appeal as a game and potential professional sport that attract advertisers and sponsorship. This is a niche market
  4. That the Snooker and Pool Players Alliance had 57 events listed in its 2024 calendar with 27 including 5 internationals. which are competitive with potentials for spectatorship and being developed into media content for television.
  5. Mr Abiodun Christopher, the players representative on the SPPA Governing Council noted that players need the kind of exposure and competition which the LTV ch 8 imput will bring into the attempt at develop Pool Billiard into a major sport since it was obvious that we were not ready based on his international travel experience.
  6. That possibility exists where LTV Ch 8 secure the broadcast right for select events organized by the SPPA .

Lagos State Television General Manager, Mrs Adesola Kosoko assured on the station’s collaboration with the leadership of the SPPA to provide viable opportunity for the growth of Pool.

“We are particular about project. We don’t just want to dabble into any any project that will near no fruits. I think it a good thing you are hear. We will sit with you and brainstorm to see how we can create an avenue for you on our platform to push those things and make them known”

Both parties exchanged gift’s in commemoration of the epic and milestone event.