Nicon Town Recreational Centre,Lekki hosted another exciting Heyball Challenge Tour Event 3 on Saturday 9th March ,2024.

Adekunle Adebayo a.k.a Banty Cue maintained his unbeaten record by defeating his Challenger, Lawani Nosayaba 13 – 8 in the Race to 13 racks winner breaks main event that lasted for 4 ½ hours. The grilling match saw Adebayo sprint into a 6 – 0 lead after the first session before a capitulation in the second session.

In a surprise comeback, Nosayaba who was facing an uphill task recovered his confidence by responding with a similar fashion to level up the match at 6 – 6 at the rack 12 and into the third session. This feat excited visitors at the venue who were watching the match with such unexpected results that threw open the match.

At 6-6, the match entered into the energy-sapping and draining phase of the 3rd and 4th sessions with Adebayo showing some sign of fatigue as Nosayaba beam in self-confidence.

 Adebayo, determined to prove his rating as the player with the best BPAv rating which he showed to win the next 4 racks before Lawani could fashion a proper response to his change of technical style.

Lawani Nosayaba tried to repeat his earlier feat in the 4th session but Adebayo was all fired up to coast home with a match victory by winning 4 out of the last 6 racks in the grilling contest. The Match finally ended 13 – 6 with Adebayo recording another victory and remaining undefeated.

For his effort, Adebayo went home with a total cash prize of N25,000 from the monetary reward on offer while Nosayaba had a consolatory  N5,000 to live to fight another day.

Meanwhile, Afolabi Waheed beat Abiodun Christopher 9 – 8 in the supporting event of the day that lasted 5 ½ hrs. The match was a ding dong affair with both players playing the same tactical style and approach.

Waheed goes home with N15,000 as Christopher settles for the  N5,000 consolatory prize.

The Heyball Challenge Tour organized by the Snooker and Pool Players Alliance (SPPA) is a monthly multiple-match event that offers a maximum sum of N100, 000 per match in prize money.  Each match is a challenge contest between two players with the allotted prize determined by the BPAv/Prize scale.