Joy Heyball Masters

Joy Heyball Masters

Joy Heyball Masters’ organizes a Nigeria Qualifier, a multiple players event to promote the game of HEYBALL in Nigeria which enables the winner to travel to China to join other entrants to participate in the Div One Event and the Super Tour. A playoffs event is also organized for Top 4 players after the preliminaries and the knockout stage.

What is HEYBALL?

Heyball (a.k.a Chinese Eight Ball Pool) is a Cue Sports/ Billiards Sport which is played on a special 9ft Pool Table with slim pocket and regulated by the IHPA (International Heyball Pool Association based in the UK and affiliated to the World Pool Association.


The standard Joy Billiards Bing or Q3+ Table shall be the recognized equipment for the events. FIJI Ventures Limited, our equipment partner be be reach by interested bars or clubs.

JOY BILLIARDS BING TABLE, official equipment of the 9 Ball Pool Shootout

How to Enter


How to Play

  1. Pay you game fee to be listed on the Ladder and wait for your turn.
  2. Rack your balls.
  3. Time keeper and software administrator shall start your clock.
  4. Break and pot at least one ball to continue
  5. Follow the instruction of the referee. (compulsory)
  6. Pot the balls in consecutive sequence.
  7. Stop playing immediate you pot your 9 ball.
  8. Referee stops the Clock to end game.


All prizes shall be as advertised by the organisers of the main event holding in china.


Click here to see the event schedule which maybe updated from time to time.