Affiliate Info


general Info

This status sets the minimum standard for any club or bar
to be affiliated or licensed center of the SPPA


A Snooker and Pool center shall apply for affiliate status and issued an affiliated code after paying an annual renewable fee of N45, 000.00 (N30,000-software and 15,000.00 affiliation) which must be paid before the 31st of December of each year. The center shall provide a computer running windows 10, 1 TV display screen(min 50’), internet connect and a club/center admin with computer knowledge.

Each affiliate center shall be provided a software, the Cue Sports Management and Ranking system  which shall be used to manage all the SPPA approved and sanctioned event and activity. The center admin must manage the center in line with the software requirements and shall one input data/results of actual games played.

This rules contained in the Snooker and Pool Players Alliance handbook shall be the recognize guiding principles of engagement and affiliation. It shall be paramount that all affiliate must read this document in conjunction with the rules contained in the rules of the international governing body for the sport or it’s affiliate local representative or agent.

It shall be the responsibility of the affiliate center to register players and maintain the records of the players who shall be ranked according to the SPPA ranking scale

The Ranking/Rating scale shall range between 0 – 10,000 points wherein players play
proficiency shall be continuously monitored and defined by the following scale

0 – 1000 – introduction level and basic skill level.
Level I – 1000 – 1999
Level II – 2000 – 3499
Level III – 3500 – 4999
Level IV – 5000 – 7000
Level V – 7001 – 8499
Level VI – 8500 – 10,000
Level VII – 10,000 Above

1.4 SPPA shall class events in accordance with the following tournament type and entry restrictions.


All Snooker and Pool Players Alliance events will contain the name “Endorse by Snooker and Pool Players Alliance”. An example of a tournament name is Snooker and Pool Players Alliance 2017 Men’s 8 ball Tournament.


SPPA recognizes Six (6) levels of events see add… 1 that classifies the criteria r for entering into any affiliated event.

Clubs or Bars or Promoter shall appoint an accredited Tournament Director who may be appointed by Snooker and Pool Players Alliance to oversee events may advise of the rules for particular events. These rules shall be confirmed and agreed at the respective Local Organizing and Committee then communicated to delegates, participants, clubs sporting adjuncts and Snooker and Pool Players Alliance event Co-coordinator.

Tall results of matches, games and tournament shall be either submitted or entered into the Billiards Management and players ranking system which shall be the repository of all the data relating to players performance.

The Snooker and Pool Players Alliance shall store data relating to the performance of players in the various recognized sports and publish a monthly ranking which shall include a point system which the ranking points shall be the sole consideration during pairing of players during events.

The players dress code during events shall be the SPPA Blaizers on a collared shirt or T-shirt on a black Trousers and shoes all player(s)

Proposed amendments to the tournament rules and variations to the sports code rules of play shall be made by way of a remit in writing to Snooker and Pool Players Alliance at least 21 days prior to the tournament.

“Remit” means any member club or the executive may submit a remit on any matter of interest to the association member clubs at the Annual General Meeting or at a special meeting of the association. Such a remit when submitted does not require a seconder but when moved on behalf of the submitter at the meeting it must be seconded by another member club before any discussion. If not seconded the remit lapses.

“Club” means any legal organization or entity that offers Snooker or Pools as parts of it products or service which seeks affiliation with Snooker and Pool Players Alliance.


Tournament dates are to be voted on by the delegates. Once agreed, the event is to be held as close as possible to that date each year.

All host clubs are requested to notify SPPA immediately of all dates, venues, the club and the persons responsible for hosting and running forthcoming tournaments.

All SPPA tournaments must be held at the same time or as close to as in previous years, unless otherwise agreed to by the delegates when meeting to vote on the host club for that year.

Host clubs and other associations who, due to unforeseen circumstances, wish to change the tournament dates as approved by the delegates meeting, must apply to SPPA for permission.


Posters advertising the tournament must be sent to all applicable affiliated clubs at least 60 days prior to the tournament closing date advising prizes, dates, duration, venue, entry fees, accommodation, transport and the closing date for entries. An electronic copy of the tournament forms is to be sent to Clubs New Zealand for distribution.

The host club is to forward to Clubs New Zealand a list of clubs entered into the tournament and total number of individuals entered into the tournament. National Office is to check the club list of members to ensure they are all currently affiliated under Rule 7 of the Clubs New Zealand Constitution. Any club that is not a current member must be immediately notified that they are not entitled to enter a team into the tournament.

A suitable programme shall be issued by the host club before the commencement of the tournament. Such programmes shall give details of start times, venue, draw, past winners and transport arrangements. An electronic copy of the tournament programme is to be sent to Clubs New Zealand 14 days prior to the commencement of the tournament.

The venue for tournaments shall be voted on at the delegates meeting two years in advance. Any variation to this must be consulted with SPPA.

Applications to host the tournament, shall be made in writing by a club to SPPA at least 14 days prior to the delegates meeting. Applications must be accompanied by a letter of intent from the club executive. A copy of the application and letter of intent must also be forwarded by the host club or center. The application must be added to the meeting agenda, to be tabled at the delegates meeting. A contract to host, coordinate and deliver a SPPA tournament is to be sent out from SPPA to the successful host club. The successful host club must complete and return the contract, which has been executed by all relevant parties, within 30 days.

In the event that no contract is received by SPPA within the prescribed time frame, SPPA shall be entitled to revoke the host club appointment and make alternative arrangements for the tournament.

If no application is received for an allotted year, SPPA will send out an expression of interest request to all clubs or centers or be entitled to make such arrangements with a club or center at any time to host, coordinate and deliver the tournament


The host club or center is to ensure adequate sporting facilities are available for the tournament, as approved at the prior delegates meeting.

The host club or center is to provide adequate catering, accommodation options and transportation throughout the tournament.


The tournament is to be conducted in accordance with the rules of play, along with internationally approved variations for the particular sports, and the applicable tournament rules.

Competent Referees, umpires etc., along with an SPPA accredited tournament director are to be provided by the Host Club.

Players dress is to be of an acceptable standard or as designated in the tournament rules in line with .article 2.5 of the Snooker and Pool Players Handbook.

Any playing dispute shall be handled by the disputes committee, appointed by the host club.

All host clubs or Bar or Center shall provide for a disputes committee.

Complaints regarding player(s) behavior outside of the tournament

The host club coordinating and delivering a Snooker and Pool Players Alliance tournament
shall advise in writing:

  • Take full responsibility for the tournament;
  • Indemnify Snooker and Pool Players Alliance against any claim by any person in relation
    to the tournament.

Entry into sporting tournaments is restricted to players who are members of clubs or affiliate
facility or bar or educational institution who are members of SPPA. Entry is restricted to teams or individuals selected by a club to represent their club or bar or school,. ‘Independent’ teams or individuals NOT eligible SPPA events.

The SPPA shall be entitled to notify the host club or bar or center other association to exclude any person from assisting with or otherwise being involved with a tournament. Upon receipt of such notification, the host club or other association shall take all practicable steps to exclude such persons from being involved in the tournament in any way.

Tournament entry fees are to be set at the club or organizer at the previous tournament unless
otherwise stated in the tournament rules.

Subject to availability of facilities at the host club, all clubs who enter a SPPA event can enter
at least one team based on first in basis. At the discretion of the host club a club can have more
than one team entered subject to availability after the closing date.

Entries must be made by the club on the prescribed entry form (………) on the Billiards
Management and Ranking System. The entry form must contain information on taxation
requirements including amateur status or level or ranking.

A minimum of 40% of all entry fees is to be returned in prizes. This ensures a fair return to all
participants. To allow for tournament operating costs, host clubs may wish to incorporate two
tournament fees – a reduced entry fee to cover the prizes, trophies and engraving etc and a
registration fee to cover operating costs such as venue costs, transport and catering etc.

The host club, bar or center shall be responsible for obtaining any sponsorship, advertising
and support deemed necessary.

The host club bar or center shall take reasonable action to ascertain that any sponsorship,
advertising or support does not conflict to the detriment of SPPA.

SPPA may provide support for every tournament as approved by the Board including
administrative support through it’s Office.

Players rights, Conduct and Code of ethics

Players shall not conduct himself/herself in any manner that will bring disrepute to the

Players shall be penalize if by their conduct in-play or off player whether by action,
speech or text they bring disrepute to the sports or the Snooker and Pool Players Alliance.

5 meters around table area shall be a no smoking or drinking zone.

During tournament play, players are not allowed to distract their opponent and must
be seated when it is not his/her turn on the table.

During tournament players are obligated to attend the pre and post event media
briefing when required.

During event players shall not grant interview or allow such to be conducted in areas
that are not designated for such purpose.

All players must have the following insurance protection issued by a reputed insurance
company during the tenure of membership.

  • Travel,
  • Loss of income,
  • Death.

The delegates meeting shall be held at an advertised time when there is no play. The
delegates meeting shall vote on all remits and tournament applications which must be tabled prior to the meeting.

All tournaments under the SPPA sports calendar must include in the tournament schedule
(and/or programme) the time and date of the delegates meeting. A representative of the host club of the following year’s tournament must be in attendance and give an update on tournament progress, for planning of the following year’s tournament. This will include confirmation of: the venue(s), tournament dates, accommodation, transport, entry fees, entry closing dates etc.

The delegates meeting is to be chaired by a SPPA representative (board member or host club
official) or an appointed representative of SPPA.

The host club or center shall provide a minute secretary who shall record all business
conducted at the delegates meeting.

The SPPA representative must complete a delegate’s report and forward SPPA

The host club or center shall forward to SPPSA as soon as possible after the completion of the
tournament, the minutes and financial report of the event along with any rule changes, remits,
applications, letters of intent, tournament results and any other relevant reports.

Every club or center participating in the event shall be entitled to be represented by two
delegates at the delegates meeting. No delegate is to represent more than one club.

There shall only be one vote per club or center that is represented at the delegates meeting.

In the event that a vote is taken, two scrutineers must be appointed.