Challenge Tour Series

Challenge Tour Series

A multiple matches contest that offers monetary prizes as reward.  The annual tour series comprising six events for a select no of SPPA signed players competing in win their various challenger.


    1. To create a local professional cadre of players.

    1. To offer players an opportunity to be considered as an athlete with it’s accruable benefits thereafter.

    1. To promote the entertainment value in Billiard Sports.

    1. To align organized events in Nigeria to international best practice for the various sports.  

Type of Sports

Events shall be organized in the following type of Billiards / Cue Sports .

    1. Heyball

    1. Eight Ball Pool

    1. 9 ball Pool.

Match Pairing

The SPPA Technical Committee is responsible for the pairing of the matches in each event while shall be in a pecking order based on the current SPPA players rating and the leader ladder/board for the Challenge Series.

Selection Criteria.

    1. SPPA membership.

    1. Performance at the Break and Run Challenge

    1. SPPA rating.

Match Rules

It is important  the all participant should carefully read and digest the Rules of  Heyball (a.k.a Chinese 8 ball Pool).
All WPA rules shall apply for the Nine Ball Tour .

All matches shall be organized in line with the standard rules as specified by the national and international governing body for the various sports; WPA, IHPA etc.


A secure prize shall be given to the player with the higher BPA at the time of  of the contest wherein such the prize shall not exceed 30% of the total prize fund allocated for the match for the BPA category/level.

The prizes of the matches shall be based on the following criteria

  1. The Break Point Average of the Players.
  2. Match marketing value.

Prize Fund against BPA Relationship

1.0 and below – N100,000.00

2.0 – 1.1 – N60,000.00

4.0 – 2.1 – N40,000.00

6.0 – 4.1 – N30.000.00

7.0 – 6.1 – N20,000.00

For Nine Ball Tour

1.0 and below – N100,000.00

3.0 – 1.1 – N80, 000.00

5.0 – 3.1 – N60,000.00

7.0 – 5.1 – N40,000.00

9.0 – 7.1 – N30,000.00

Above 9 -N20,000.00

Any player that can achieve at least 2 Break and Run for Heyball shall receive an additional N10,000.00 incentive.